Botanical Vibess is creating space for self-love, mental health and compassion for our mind, body & soul. 

Botanical Vibess was established in 2020 when the world had been forced to change through the pandemic. Many stopped to reset their lives, others were forced to live inside their busy minds and many adopted. Mental health was at the forefront of many of our doorsteps and we welcomed it. 

We aim to "let self love bloom", for far too long we have let ourselves down. Where we can empower each other to take care of our mental health together. I welcome you all to show yourself compassion through love for your mind & body. Because it’s hard admit to ourselves or another human that we are struggling!

So the products you will find in our store contain only the highest quality natural ingredients mostly sourced and manufactured in Australia. We aim to provide ethically and sustainably sourced packaging and ingredients,  which contain no fillers, no harmful chemicals and are animal cruelty free. We understand that there is nothing better than the touch and feel of a quality product.

Let's approach mental health with a new understanding and new love for ourselves. 
Welcome to Botanical Vibess x

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