• Let's Chat About Holding Space

    The quote "check in with your inner child" is appropriate here. As when we trigger and get emotional this links back to our inner child not heard or belief system challenged. The child in us is screaming to be acknowledged in that moment. Our belief system has a crack in it all of a sudden. As adults, we cannot fall on the ground and have tantrum as if a two year old would, so instead we use our words and sometimes our fist.
  • You Can Not Pour From An Empty Cup

    Despite my best intentions and plans, life gets busy and self-care often gets pushed to the side. Because of this, I have had to make a conscious effort to insert little snippets of practice into my day, as well as responding to myself with compassion when I don't manage to get practise in.
  • A moment of defeat!

    Yesterday was a tough day, I was devastated. Still am to be honest! I felt as though I fell so far down that I did actually land on the floor. So as promised that I practice what I preach about self-care. I stopped to sit with my tears, I shared my pain & in return I got some of the most encouraging words from some of the most beautiful souls. #thankyou
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