Hey Beauties! 

Another week has passed, I hope you have started honestly think about how self care would work for you. Today we are going to discuss foot soak benefits and how you can use it to benefit you. Foot soaks have become a sacred ritual to me after one month of sore, tired, puffy feet; gurlllsss... you know what I'm talking about, especially after wearing heels. My feet were so puffy that it wouldn't even fit my shoes. So like most I sat here with DR GOOGLE one night researching how to relieve my poor feet. 

So begin with epsom salt bath water can soften rough, dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce soreness and pain and reduce stress. The different temperatures of water will work great in encouraging better blood circulation in the feet. Though, make sure the water you use is not too hot. Soak your feet in the hot/warm water for 10- 20 minutes. Not only will this bath battle bad smells and sweat, but it’s also a perfect way to soothe aching feet.   

Soaking in Eucalyptus may help soothe stress & headaches. Among the bonuses you’ll get will be a detoxification and healthier skin. Fragrant herbs also do wonders for your mood and help you totally relax. My favourite is using rosemary in foot soaks! Lavender is a natural pain relief, when used in a foot soak it helps relieve sore aching muscles & joints. 

Though foot baths can work well in a wide range of cases, it’s important to remember that these remedies can’t serve as a substitute for medicine. A nice bonus with our salts are; all natural ingredients, from the colour to the smell and botanical herbs & flowers. 

This way you get more benefits and reduces the risk of skin irritation caused by the addition of chemicals.  What results did you get if you’ve ever tried foot soaking? What’s your favourite recipe? We would love to know about your experience, share it with us in the comments.

Love Always xx