If this quote hasn’t made you laugh this morning, I’m not sure what will. 

⁣ Yesterday was a tough day, I was devastated. Still am to be honest! I felt as though I fell so far down that I did actually land on the floor. So as promised that I practice what I preach about self-care. I stopped to sit with my tears, I shared my pain & in return I got some of the most encouraging words from some of the most beautiful souls. #thankyou

You see as a small business owner we put our heart & soul into what we believe to be a product that will make a difference in your life. We pour our LOVE & JOY into our business. We create at odd hours of the night or morning, when ever inspiration strikes. Countless hours that can not get back, with no monetary reward but a smile as we have a finished product ready and wait for the review to come back. So it felt like I had tripped with my artwork in my hands & it had ripped. It wasn’t the same anymore! That’s how I felt last night. 

⁣ I deep dived into this emotion & bandaged my wound for my inner child & ready to conquer the world in my “Batman Cape” once again. 

⁣ So back to the drawing board as I decide what is the next steps for BV. I will share my journey, my #inspo & all things about #selflove in the coming weeks ahead. 

⁣ -  Have you felt like something has not worked for you recently?

⁣ -  What actions did you take to overcome your emotions? 

⁣ -  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your journey.

Love Always xx